12/31/16- Happy New Year! For a myriad of reasons, I’ve stepped a bit away from my longtime role as a performer, to focus more on writing (both fiction and non). I will post on here if published, and you can also read my stuff on my blogs JessicaOBrienWrites and Martini Productions.

10/1/16- More world travel to Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and The Netherlands.

9/16/16- The final season of my comedy webseries Askholes, created by Mike Celona, is on YouTube. Please watch and share. 

4/22/16-Performing in the original one-act play Broken by Michael Weems, directed by Frank Danko, as part of Long Island Theatre Collective‘s New Plays Festival!

2/12/16 – Made my debut with Knock’em Dead Comedy in their ‘Wedding Felony’ comedic murder mystery, playing a high strung bride from a mobster family!

2/3/16 – Appeared as a cover model for my third book for horror author Tim Miller, for his ‘Twisted Fairy Tale’ series! You can see and pre-order the book here!

1/25/16 – Taking an on-camera audition class with awesome Casting Director Harley Kaplan at The Network in NYC.

1/22/16 – Performed stand-up comedy in the Askhole’s Special Event at Brokerage Governor’s Comedy Club in Bellmore, NY!

1/11/16 – I’m performing stand-up comedy with the cast of Askholes at Brokerage Comedy Club on Long Island in Bellmore, NY! It’s on Friday, January 22nd at 10pm. Get tickets here!

1/5/16 – I’m on the book cover for horror author Tim Miller‘s upcoming book, Spankenstein. You can see the image here, photographed by Tom O’Brien of Martini Productions.

12/22/15 – Appeared with Knock’em Dead Comedy on The Gagootz Show at Mad TV Studios in Deer Park, NY.

12/21/15 – I have a new hosting reel (edited by Tom O’Brien of Martini Productions)! You can see it here! 

12/12/15 – I played the role of Janice Rice in the House of Horrors episode of Momsters: When Moms Go Bad starring Roseanne Bar, which premiered last night on ID Discovery.

12/7/15 – Published a written interview with horror filmmaker Jonathan A Moody at

11/6/15 – I have a new comedy reel! You can check it out on YouTube here or Vimeo here. Thanks to my editor (and friend and director) Mike Celona!

10/20/15 – More work for Fashion One covering The Untitled Magazine‘s exhibition opening of THE “F” WORD: FEMINISM IN ART – A GROUP SHOW OF 20 FEMALE ARTISTS

10/17/15 – Working as an on-camera correspondent at Kids Fashion Week in NYC with Fashion One.

10/12/15 – Askholes Season 4 is now available on YouTube. Watch all the episodes here.

10/1/15 – Joined Long Island comedy theater group Knock ‘Em Dead Comedy.

9/30/15 – The trailer for season 4 of Askholes is here!

9/27/15 – Had an awesome time attending the screening of Pillow Talk at Golden Door International Film Festival in Jersey City, NJ!

9/13/15 – Shooting season 4 of comedic webseries Askholes, directed/edited by Mike Celona!

9/4/15 – Returned from traveling to Russia, Finland, Poland, Denmark, and France!

7/19/15 – I’m so happy to announce that my short film (produced and starred in) Pillow Talk, is an official selection of Golden Door International Film Festival in Jersey City, NJ!

7/8/15-7/11/15 – Covering ThrillerFest with Martini Productions. Interviewed such authors as Greg IlesCharlaine Harris, Kathy Reichs, and Clive Cussler.

6/28/15 – Pillow Talk is screening at Lower East Side FEST tonight at 10pm!

6/27/15 – Performing stand-up comedy tonight for a Paid or Pain show at NY Comedy Club at 9:15!

6/4/15 – Check out all of my interviews at Book Expo America here. I interviewed Maze Runner author James Dashner, Scott Westerfeld and Gregory Maguire (among others).

5/29/15 – Article How to Get Out of the Friendzone published on The National Something.

5/27/15 – Super busy covering Book Expo America in NYC with Martini Productions this week. Stay tuned for some interviews with great authors!

5/20/15 – I got interviewed by the really fun blog Isaacs Pictures Conclusions! You can read it here! 

5/13/15 – Booked a role on season 2 of the TV series MOMSTERS (starring Roseanne Barr) for ID Discovery. Shot yesterday and had a great time!

4/29/15 – My husband and I were interviewed by Ryan Houssein for The National Something‘s new podcast series. We talk about acting, writing, filmmaking, comedy, art, my time working in politics, and more! Listen here! 

4/22/15 – Covering the opening of the collaboration series between photographer Antoine Verglas and artist Senz for Fashion One.

4/22/15 – My new article The Phases of Wedding Planning is up on The National Something.

4/17/15 – Pillow Talk is an official selection of the Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival, screening there this weekend in Asbury Park, NJ!

4/1/15- My article How to Get Him to Propose is published in The National Something.

3/26/15- My wedding is featured on the blog for Wedding Party with lots of photos. See it here.

3/17/15 – I’m the cover model for horror author Tim Miller’s new novel HACKED. Photography by Tom O’Brien. See it here

3/11/15- My second article in my dating advice column, How To Be a Confident Dater has been published today in The National Something.

3/9/15- I am covering the theatrical/VOD release premiere of A Cry from Within by actress Deborah Twiss starring her, Eric Roberts, and Cathy Moriarty.  Red carpet interviews to come!

3/8/15 – Today is the NJ premier of Pillow Talk at Brightside Tavern Shorts Film Festival. My co-star Tom Martin is nominated for best lead actor in a drama!

2/19/15 – Check out my article for The National Something: Why “Nice Guys” are Not Nice People.

2/18/15 – Besides acting, hosting, and comedy, I also love to write. I will be writing a twice monthly dating advice column for The National Something. Check out my first piece here!

2/13/15 – Askholes made a special episode for New York Fashion Week, check it out here!

2/12/15 – It’s New York Fashion Week, and I’m doing some on-camera hosting for Fashion One!

2/8/15 – Pillow Talk is also an official selection of Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival!

1/22/15 – My short film, Pillow Talk, is an official selection of Brightside Tavern Shorts Film Festival in New Jersey.  It has also been nominated for best actor in a drama (Tom Martin)!

1/21/15 – Season 3 of Askholes has begun. You can watch the new episodes here.

1/17/15 – Check out my recent work on Fashion One interviewing Fran Drescher.

1/7/15 – Working as a spokesperson for a financial services company on Long Island.

12/31/14 – Happy New Year! Check out this funny New Years Eve video from Askholes to celebrate.

12/7/14 – Shooting Season 3 of comedic webseries Askholes!

12/2/14 – Pillow Talk is part of #TOFF (The Online Film Festival). You can watch  it  here. Please vote for us!

11/29/14 – Check me out as part of the Real Wedding Spotlight for NY based bridal boutique Max Bridal!

11/19/14 – Working as an on-camera host at Peru Moda for Fashion One.

11/11/14 – Performing stand-up comedy at Night of the Laughing Dead at Old Man Hustle in NYC.

10/31/14 – Covering author Chuck Palahniuk’s “Beautiful You” tour at Powerhouse arena in Brooklyn.

10/31/14 – Special new Halloween and horror themed episodes of Askholes have been released! Watch them here!

10/24/14 – Blood Reservoir premieres today in select theaters!!

10/23/14 – Pillow Talk, directed by Eddie Bernard, premieres today at the Orlando Film Festival!

10/10/14 – Working as an on-camera host with Fashion One at the Isabelle Armstrong Bridal Fashion show in NYC.

10/7/14 – Blood Reservoir has gained distribution and will be premiering in theatres on October 24th!

10/6/14 – Season 2 of Askholes has premiered! Watch it here!

9/22/14 – PILLOW TALK, the short drama I produced and starred in, is an official selection of the Orlando Film Festival!

9/5/14 – On a personal note, I am getting married this weekend upstate NY!!

9/4/14 – It’s New York Fashion Week and I did some more hosting today for Fashion One, interviewing designers Mark & Estel before their runway show tomorrow.

8/29/14 – Just returned from Massachusetts, where I played the role of Ashley in Blood Reservoir by Mark Del Negro. I had an amazing time with this cast and crew. The film also stars Hannah Landberg, John Thomassen, Frank Sorrentino (The Sorrentinos, Sleepaway Camp), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), and Jonathan Tiersten (Sleepaway Camp).

8/19/14 – Booked a hosting job with Shockya covering the red carpet premiere of Jersey Shore Massacre

8/11/14 – ASKHOLES is also on Funny or Die!!

8/3/14 – Shooting Season 2 of the hit comedy web series ASKHOLES with an extremely talented group of stand-up comics!!

7/12/14 – Covered ThrillerFest with Martini Productions where I interviewed such notable authors as Anne Rice, Christopher Rice, Jeffrey Deaver, Lee Child, Joseph Finder, R.L. Stine, and others!!

6/29/14 – PILLOW TALK, a short film I produced and starred in, is finally complete and is being submitted to film festivals!!  Eddie Bernard directed, shot, and edited, Tom O’Brien wrote and co-produced. Also starring Tom Martin and Tom O’Brien.  Allan Starkie, Ph.D served as executive producer.

6/25/14 – Covered the J Summer Fashion Show (with designers from all over the world showing their collections); the first ever event to be held at the top of the new One World Trade Center, with Drew Moore and Kyle Fisher 

6/17/14 – More hosting for Fashion One the next two weeks with videographers Drew Moore and Kyle Fisher of

6/12/14 – Hosting for Fashion One tonight at the preview of Israeli fashion designer Rinat Brodach’s debut collection.

6/7/14- Performing stand-up comedy with the cast of ASKHOLES at Old Man Hustle in NYC!

6/2/14 – ASKHOLES has premiered online! Watch it here! ASKHOLES is a panel of comedians that analyze and discuss various topics. I appear with comics Mike Celona, Christi Chiello, Adam LucidiAdriane HamiltonNigel Fullerton, and Emma Willmann!!

5/11/14- Booked the lead in horror feature RESERVOIR by Mark Del Negro and Chris Kellogg!

5/1/14 – New article about me and my projects!!

4/24/14 – BROKEN SIDE OF TIME, a feature I acted in from Gorman Bechard, has been winning awards at film festivals all over the country!

4/18/14 – Attended the premiere for TRUST ME I’M A LIFEGUARD as press at the Tribeca Film Festival, where I interviewed cast and crew on the red carpet

4/13/14 – Shot ASKHOLES, a hilarious new comedy show, with Mike Celona and other talented comics

4/4/14 – Cast in Nick Taylor’s upcoming feature WHERE THE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD shooting this Fall in New Jersey

3/31/14 – Cast in a comedy pilot by comic/producer Mike Celona (

3/14/14- PARADISE EAST, a feature film I acted in, will be screening at the Marche du Film at Cannes on March 16th

1/31/14 – I have been named the new Social Media Director for comedic web series BELOW THE LINE (

11/1/13 – Cast as the on-camera host for Residential World Media

10/28/13 – Guest star in the new web series from Time Squared Arts PLATO’S NEW AGORA

9/30/13 – I will be a guest on Jonathan Moody’s radio show THE INDEPENDENT CORNER tonight at 11pm!

9/17/13 – Performing stand-up comedy this Friday at Klimat Lounge on the lower east side. Info and tickets here: and

9/14/13 – On a personal note, I got engaged last week in Ireland to the most amazing man.  I couldn’t be happier.

8/19/13 – STARVING ARTISTS, Comedy pilot pitch I acted in and also helped produce, is part of The Set NY’s late night screening series (Friday, August 23). Come join us!

8/14/13 – Cast in Frank Dauro’s VICTORY PARADE, a short film about a war veteran returning home. Shooting this weekend in NYC and Long Island.

7/21/13 – Attended Long Island International Film Expo with Martini Productions where I interviewed filmmakers David Spaltro (THINGS I DON’T UNDERSTAND), Joe Pomarico (THIS IS LOVE) and Debra Markowitz (LIVING WITH THE DEAD), among others.

7/17/13 – Taking an amazing on-camera scene class with Brette Goldstein at CnC Studios!

7/12/13 – Attended ThrillerFest (run by the International Thriller Writers) with Martini Productions, where I interviewed several famous authors (and producers), including Brad Meltzer, David Morrell, Michael Connelly, Steve Berry, and Catherine Coulter!

6/28/13 – Attended the world premiere of BROKEN SIDE OF TIME by Gorman Bechard at Tribeca Cinemas!  I have a supporting role in the film.

6/22/13 – Performing more stand-up comedy tonight at 9pm at New York Comedy Club!

6/5/13 – Attended Brooklyn Film Festival with Martini Productions, where we interviewed some very talented filmmakers.  Here are the interviews!

5/28/13 – Booked the lead role in new web series PASS IT ON, written/directed by Carol Mazzoni.  We are shooting the pilot episode next week!

5/18/13- It’s festival season! THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT ( by Dog-Eared Media, in which I was cast in a mysterious and pivotal role, is an official selection of the Manhattan Film Festival.

5/19/13 – BROKEN SIDE OF TIME, a feature I’m in, directed and written by Gorman Bechard, will have its world premiere on 9:30pm, on Friday, June 28, at the VisionFest Film Festival in Tribeca! Please check out the page for the film to learn more about it!

5/16/13 – THE UNDEAD, new horror film I’m cast in, has already been getting some press!

5/3/13 – Doing more stand-up at the Greenwich Village Comedy Club!

4/29/13 – Cast in horror film, THE UNDEAD, scheduled to shoot this fall in Massachusetts.  Written/Produced by Mark Anthony Del Negro. Directed by Dan Brownlie

4/12/13 – Made my stand-up comedy debut at the Greenwich Village Comedy Club as part of the Clayton Fletcher show! Stay tuned for more stand-up performances.

4/11/13 – Attended Soho International Film Festival with Martini Productions, where I interviewed actor Luis Guzman on the red carpet.

3/12/13- Check out the official trailer for Gorman Bechard’s BROKEN SIDE OF TIME, in which I play a supporting role.  Coming out this summer!

2/20/13 – Attended the 4th Annual Indie Soap Awards last night at New World Stages as press with Martini Productions.  I interviewed soap opera and web series stars on the red carpet, including Cynthia Watros!  Interviews can be seen here:

2/11/13 – Shot a Comedy Central pilot pitch this weekend (produced and acted in)

2/1/13 – My manager has been getting me some exciting TV auditions this pilot season!

1/22/13 – Covered the book launch party for Linda Stasi’s new novel THE SIXTH STATION where I conducted on-camera interviews with her, Nelson Demille, Mary Higgins Clark, Rosanna Scotto and Dave Price! Visit to see them

1/6/13 – Happy New Year! I have been doing lots of on-camera interviews with celebrities, entrepreneurs, authors, and more.  Among the people I interviewed lately are 16 Handles Founder Solomon Choi, rapper Papoose, and Angelina from MTV’s The Jersey Shore.  Please visit  to see them all!

12/8/12 – Check me out in Episode 8 of Mythos:  To learn more about this great web series written/directed by Miriam Pultro, go to:

12/3/12- Female lead in short film Pillow Talk, shooting in Centerport, NY.  Written and produced by Tom O’Brien, Directed by Eddie Bernard

11/8/12- Check out my photo shoot and behind the scenes video with awesome photographer Avital Krasilovsky.

10/31/12 – The Graveyard Shift, in which I have a supporting role, premiered online.  Check it out at

10/18/12 – Check me out in Episode 2 of Mythos!

10/10/12 – Lucius music video I worked on has premiered! Check it out!—turn-it-around.html

9/28/12 – Signed with Gemini Entertainment

9/25/12 – Article about me in UK publication Kewel World

8/28/12 – Cast in the new SyFy web series MYTHOS, directed by Miriam Pultro.  Currently filming in and around NYC.  Check it out on imdb!

8/15/12 – Check out the awesome new online clothing boutique I modeled for! See my modeling pics for them there, or on my pictures page here.

8/4/12 – Lead role in thriller/horror feature, DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE.

7/30/12 – Interviewing Jagger Kaye, actor and owner of CnC Studios!

7/17/12 – Short film I worked on, FATHERS DAY, is complete and has been submitted to festivals.  Check it out on imdb:

7/14/12 – Covering Thriller Fest where I interviewed such well-known authors as R.L. Stine, Sandra Brown, Philip Margolin, and Sandra Brannan.

6/20/12 – My video for Car & Driver magazine is up on their youtube.  Funny stuff! I am not acting though (and did not consider this an acting job).  It was for fun/educational purposes and is the real me! See it on my Video page, or go to this link here:

6/7/12 – Working as a correspondent at the Brooklyn Film Festival for Martini Productions and Qbo Media TV.  Interviewing filmmakers.

6/5/12- Interviewing entrepreneur and author James Timothy White

5/28/12- Had the pleasure of interviewing Dee Wallace and J LaRose while at Crypticon Seattle

5/25/12 – Going to Crypticon horror convention in Seattle.  Come visit me at my booth there if you’re in town!

5/12/12 – Modeling for a Korean online clothing company. Check my pictures page for some photos from the shoot!

5/9/12 – Shooting supporting role in Gorman Bechard’s BROKEN SIDE OF TIME, in Connecticut.

5/8/12 – More hosting and interviewing with NBC’s Smash star Brian D’Arcy James, Law & Order’s Tamara Tunie, Rachel Potter from Evita on Broadway, and Director/Producer John A. Gallager at BLU Cafe in Manhattan

5/1/12 – Shooting an episode for Car and Driver magazine’s YouTube channel, with comedian Nick Stevens. Will let you know when it airs!

4/23/12 – Interviewing Writer/Director of ‘Giant Mechanical Man’ Lee Kirk as part of Tribeca Film Festival

4/1/12 – Leading role in Pratt University student film, playing a stalking victim (or am I really the victim?…)

3/3/12 – Hosting at the NY Times Travel Show at the Javits Center, NYC, where I interviewed Travel Channel host Samantha Brown, celebrity chef David Burke, and travel author Mark Murphy.

2/14/12 – More hosting for NYC Fashion Week, where I interviewed designers after their shows, and celebrities including Alex McCord, Simon van Kempen, Supermodel Jessica White, and Prince Lorenzo (of ABC’s The Bachelor). Footage coming soon!

12/29/11 – Shot a principal role (as a bride) in a detergent commercial

12/17/11 – Got to hang out all day at NBC Studios in NYC to work on Saturday Night Live

11/28/11 – Interviewing painter Mark Wiener for the lifestyle web show that I host and co-produce.

10/31/11 – Appearing in ZombieGeddon, a halloween themed short play festival produced by Tony White in midtown Manhattan

10/11/11 – Shooting an untitled independent feature film in Orlando, Florida for the week

9/15/11 – Working as a host and correspondent during Mercedes Benz NYC Fashion Week

9/7/11 – Shot a principal role (as a cashier) in an industrial for a Japanese/English text book

9/6/11 – Placed on first refusal for a great smile commercial

8/11/11 – Hosting and interviewing the cast and creative team of Hush The Musical for Digitally Speaking

7/16/11 – Playing a mysterious young woman in the new supernatural web series ‘The Graveyard Shift’

7/8/11 – In Los Angeles shooting the final scenes of Ghoul Scout Zombie Massacre

6/21/11 – Shooting in NJ for the lead role in a new horror comedy feature

5/28/11 – Shooting supporting role in Rob Longo’s hit series Vixens of Virtue Vixens of Vice.  Check it out on imdb:


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